I initiated this site in 2009, after traveling to South-East Asia and Russia. I wanted to depict the unfiltered life of the places I visited within the categories StreetLife, Nightshots, SweetDreamers, StreetArt and Places. Currently, I'm working on a new project portraying couchsurfers that I host. The project can be reached here.
Pat·ta·ya Joe /.../ Physical appearance, misfortune, obesity, lonely, random paid sexual relationships He can be the average guy who had some misfortune in his life, took some wrong turns or just made Edge of society doesn´t care about its looks the opinion of the admonishing norm some bad decisions, but he can also be someone who just doesn't care about conventions and lives his life no matter what.
Michael Singer - Photographer, Traveler, Environmentalist
Phone:+43 680 500 600 1 (Austria) for calls and texts
+62 819 1641 6064 (Indonesia) for calls, texts, and WhatsApp
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